November-December 2011

Happy New Year!

We said goodbye to 2011 from the cosy home of our restaurateur friends out in the countryside, where both Thomas and James were most appreciative of the chocolate mousse desert.

Besides the gorgeous food, the boys were spoiled with more fantastic presents: a remote controlled Ferrari for Thomas and a ride-on electric trike for James.


Christmas 2011

We set off for the usual Leicester trip a few days before Christmas, with an early flight and an unusual car rental.  Due to some availability problems with the usual companies, we tried a new one, and were pleasantly surprised.  Rather than waiting in line at a boring airport office, we took the 1-minute airport train to the International terminal, where we were met by a rep with our car, car seats installed and everything.  A quick stop by their office to sort out the paperwork, use bathrooms etc., and we were on our way.  The company lives up to it's name, planting a tree for every rental they make.


The Travelodge was a familiar holiday residence, although James now sleeps on the pull-out sofa rather than in a crib.  Lisa lent us a little Christmas tree to lend atmosphere to the room, where we basically did little more than sleep, eat breakfast (breakfast boxes provided by the hotel), and open Christmas stockings on the 25th.  The rest of the time we were out with family:  at a cosy pub where the boys nearly fell asleep, at Auntie Lisa and family's new house in Countesthorpe (where we gave the Wii a good workout) or sliding up and down the stairs at Grandad Roger's.




We had a delicious Christmas dinner at Shearsby Bath again this year, where James was even considerate enough to sleep through the meal.  Back at Grandad Roger's, Thomas got to work on his dino activity book from Granny Lynda, and teasing Uncle Martyn with dinosaur trivia.


More favourite Christmas prezzies: a walking, roaring giganotosaurus, and a 3D puzzle of a styracosaurus.


Hooray, Santa came to Denmark while we were away!

Despite our 11pm arrival, new energy was found to open the remaining BIG presents under the tree.  So glad we didn't have to pack these in our already bulging suitcases...


Lucia day December 13th

The biggest kids from the preschool perform in a Saint Lucia pageant every year, wearing white robes, carrying candles and singing a traditional song.  Thomas was very excite and practiced the walk at every opportunity.  Unfortunately the weather was too wet and windy for the planned outdoor performance, but the indoor show was just as appreciated.  James applauded the finale with the eternal words "Super Cool"! (video to come)



We got together with the usual suspects from Cindy's old Danish class, and families, for our yearly Christmas lunch.  The kids are now old enough to enjoy more kinds of games, including pass-the-parcel (Matthew is explaining the rules, to the confusion of all children and adults alike), pakkelege (old favourite we play every year), and the quintessential mandelgave (find the whole almond in the huge bowl of almondy rice pudding).  Thomas was very pleased with his prize, a whistle shaped like a water pistol, which he proceeded to blow (and then taught James to do the same) until it was inexplicably "lost".

Hanging out


Sometimes we need to get out of the apartment and run around a bit.  The lobby of our building is one good place to kick a ball, now that James is less prone to continuous escape attempts.  


The local shopping center has also recently built a nice indoor playground, adjacent to a pleasant cafe.  Perfect to work out some morning energy on a weekend, prior to conking out for a nap.



Updated 1.1.2012