January 2012


As we crossed over from January into February, the temperatures dropped below zero and we finally got some snow!

The boys got a chance to try out their toboggans as we headed over to a nearby playground, boasting one of the few hills available in our flat neighbourhood.


Friends Marvin and family came by for play and dinner one chilly Sunday.  The kids enjoyed having their own tables at which to enjoy their sausages and mash - all but James, who devised a new game of running back and forth from his chair.


Keeping warm indoors

Weekend mornings tend to find us hanging out on the sofa in our pyjamas, enjoying cups of tea and juice respectively and trying not to wake the neighbours.


Thomas and James both have electronic games they enjoy on their respective tablet computers; Thomas' current favourites are Angry Birds and Where's My Water (inspired by cousin Alfie, but mum's now hooked too!) and James still likes Monkey Preschool Lunchbox on the Ipod Touch.

When we just have to get out of the house, we enjoy the new playground/cafe at the local shopping center just 10 minutes' walk away.


More cozy home stuff: James post-nap enjoying a window view in the new Fatboy bean bag chair, and Thomas colouring one of the activity pages which he occasionally brings home from preschool.

Thomas starts school in August at Skolen på Islands Brygge, and is looking forward to visiting the school at their open house just after Easter.


Venturing outdoors

We discovered yet another local playground, combining two of James' favourite things: stairs and slide.  James naturally also has to try to copy Thomas doing rope ladder gymnastics, but couldn't quite do it yet.


James had a hearing appointment at the end of January, where they found a bit of liquid in his right middle ear  - but this being completely normal in kids with colds which almost everyone has at this time of year, the doctor suggested taking another look in the summer before recommending any action.

The day care staff still feel that his spoken skills are progressing very slowly, but we are beginning to notice great spurts of activity in English - finally small sentences! ("I want water", "Put it there", "Can have more?") so we're not too worried.  Nevertheless we have a meeting with a "speech pedagogue" at the end of February just to make sure there's nothing we're missing.

Still having fun with Christmas presents

The Scalextric tracks are a big hit.  Thomas has got the hang of slowing down a bit so he doesn't come off at every curve, and James has gone through the phases of a) fear, b) violence to the cars, c) delight in helping to put the cars gone astray, back on the tracks.


Thomas was very pleased with his 3D ball puzzle.  He did most of it himself, although the last piece is still teasing us a little!


Updated 5.2.2012