Southampton and Kelowna - August 2003


In August we spent a week in Southampton, catching up with the Thompson family and trying our luck at fishing in Lake Huron.  Didn't catch any fish, but caught some nice photos... 



We then headed out to Kelowna for four beautiful sun-filled days.  While out there we met up with Cindy's grandmother Anne Cabatoff, and some other relatives from her side of the family.  And we spent some time frolicking in lake Okanagan!

 Ken (Cindy's Dad), Cindy, Great-Aunts Marge and Dora, Anne (Cindy's grandmother), and Jonathan, in front of the Sandalwood Retirement Resort

 Summerhill winery, where we had dinner the night before we left - and two nights before the nearby mountain was struck by lightning, and the area evacuated...


It was a real adventure getting home, largely due to the massive power blackout that hit much of Eastern North America but helped along by various other handicaps... however having followed the forest fire news regularly since getting back, we were actually pretty lucky to come home when we did.  We're really glad we made the trip though, not only for the fine weather but also for some really nice hours spent together with Cindy's grandmother.

Some favourite moments: