Gran Canaria Revisited: We're Back!  March 2012

Once again we found ourselves escaping dark Denmark in March to Puerto Mogán, with Granny Lynda keeping us company.

As we were already familiar with the main promenade between the hotel and the beach, this time we spent a bit more time exploring around the marina, up and down the alleys between picturesque white houses framed by vines of tropical flowers and crisscrossed with canals feeding into the sea.



We revisited some favourite lunch spots, and discovered a new gelateria (yet another Italian ice cream shop) with superb home made ice cream, coffees, cocktails and assorted tasty desserts.



The hotel itself more than lived up to expectations; although our balcony this year was not quite as huge, there was still plenty of room to run around and we had a nice grove of palm trees giving us some privacy and shade from the sun.


As always the service was wonderful, with staff recognising us from previous visits, treating us to breakfast buffet, and even making up special nests for the boys' cuddly toys out of their security blankets!

Since last year the hotel has added a number of playground facilities for kids, which the boys both enjoyed testing thoroughly - though ping pong and pool were still high on their list.



The weather was a balmy 25 degrees or so for almost the entire week, so we made daily excursions to the beach every morning (and usually the hotel swimming pool in the afternoon!)


Granny got some fishing nets for the boys, and within a few minutes the red buckets had some little fishy inhabitants, not to mention a starfish!



At the end of the week we boarded the bus for the long windy cliffside trek back to the airport, from which the first photo above was taken.  We were sad to leave this wonderful holiday destination, and already rethinking our previous plan to make this the last one... maybe one more year?


Updated 18.3.2011