Dinner at Valhal

For our Danish celebration we visited the home of the Viking Gods, Restaurant Valhal in Tivoli Gardens.  At Christmas time they put on an extra festive spread, including our old favourite Odin's Sword which you carve off the sword yourself.  We were prepared for that, but still got a little more than we bargained for...


In foreground: Steve stabilizes the sword for Dominik, who seems to have other ideas in mind

In background: Jannie dozes off while Kjeld tries to explain the finer points of something or other


Dominik has now gone completely mad; Kjeld tries to talk sense to him (a first?) and Steve tries to pretend this is all quite normal

Hans, Lottie and Gitte (with a little of Matt's face on the left)

Thomas and Birthe

We were pretty sure Dominik had lost his sanity above, but now we have proof, as he dons his gold sequin jacket and starts crooning "That's Amore" to us! 

"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie..."


Apparently a song is a required part of any Danish wedding - Jonathan's a bit embarrassed though

We're fairly sure the establishment hasn't seen anything quite like it before!  Thanks to Dean Martin aka Dominik for some truly special entertainment