A few more old friends

During the English part of our tour we managed to drop in on a few more old friends, including Derek and family in Sheffield, and some other members of the OSL crew for a Sunday lunch in Blaby.


Out for dinner in Sheffield with the Walton family - from left: Cindy, Jonathan, Derek, Mollie, Elizabeth


Mollie takes a picture so Andrew can be in it too (Elizabeth and Andrew also got married in 2002)

Derek at home

Derek about to take the dogs out for a walk


More of the old OSL gang:


After a lovely Sunday lunch at the Baker's Arms, we spent a few hours at Emily's in the company of some lovely cats

Humans from left: Emily, Pete, Kyle and Jonathan

Cats from foreground: Buster, Polly (on Kyle's lap) and Walter (behind Kyle)


Cindy and Emily catch up on the gossip under much protest from Buster the cat